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I HAVE READ THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THE REVERSE SIDE OF THIS FORM AND HAVE MADE A TRUTHFUL DECLARATION. Signature Date month/day/year CBP Form 6059B 04/14 U.S. Customs and Border Protection Welcomes You to the United States States against the illegal importation of prohibited items. Failure to file the required report or failure to report the total amount that you are carrying may lead to the seizure of all the currency or monetary instruments and may subject you to civil penalties...
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Hi in this screencast we are going to cover what an i-94 on arrival/departure form looks like and how we go about filling it this is the form that you fill in once you land to the United States if you are a visitor or non-resident or non citizen so this is how the form looks like this you get it in the flight you can ask the flight attendant for this form it is a then we give it to you so this is this is how the form looks like it is like a plane this is sample then I have is the front side and there's a back side so this the back side is something that you don't have to fill this for officials to fill in so it's a single page form with a fern in the back they're going to cover all of these how we go about filling this is a quick two minute video so the first item is the family name that's your surname so you can fill that in the first name is your name all of these items make sure that you copy the exact items that are in your exact names that are in your password if you have a spelling mistake in your past polio to make sure that the same name appears here so that's very important make sure that your visa your passport all of these names are same first is your surname which is the family name second is your first name the third item is your birth date the fourth item is your country of citizenship um the birth date is important because look at the format it is day month year so make sure you write the day month here in India we we generally write it in this day month year but most of the dates in the United States are month day year so make sure you write day month year country of citizenship is his the fourth item is country of citizenship it's India if you're from Indian Indian citizen sex male/female passport number this number is your is in your passport so make sure you write that airline and flight number so this will be in your boarding pass that's number seven country where you live if you're from India right India City where your value boarded snowing in my parents case for which I've created this screencast is Mumbai so right Mumbai city where your visa was it grew approved or issued so in Mumbai date issued day month here when it was issued so this you can get it can you reason occupant then address where you'll be living in the united state make sure you talk to your child or whenever you're going that you have a correct address of where to be going right the street in the apartment number here city and state here so there are thirteen items here there are unique and then there's the last part which is at the below so you'd have tried your surname family name first name date of birth and country of citizenship so this form only the front side of this form yog fill the back side you don't have to fill it okay so quickly to recap are the five items that you have to be careful about first make sure the all your entries match with the passport in your visa fill in only side one there are seventeen things you need to fill in measure for...